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Impulse Ode
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Release Date
February 14, 2020

Following his 2018 EP, Bodyguard and co-production on Lila Tirando a Violeta’s Sentient, Montreal-based electronic producer Sayveeyun signs with aurawire for the release of his new three track EP titled Impulse Ode.

Throughout the EP, Sayveeyun’s mix of ambient textures, black metal bass frequencies, and grime rhythms are tied together by his tendency to self sample, looping vocal passages ad infinitum. Both heavily associated with transcendence, Sayveeyun’s use of vocal samples act as a means of acknowledging his faint connection to both rave music and his Tibetan heritage, creating a bastardization of both in the process.

On the title track, “Impulse Ode”, Sayveeyun’s repetition of the words “I’m better” is almost an attempt at reassurance directed to himself; a nod to his OCD & insecurity in developing relationships online. These vocal loops are what loom over an oppressive soundscape of piercing sirens and grime-inspired synth lines, ascending into a wall of sound that is both industrial and weightless.

The second track, “Bad Magic”, focuses on the fragility of online relationships and the genuine. His looping of the words “alone no more” are the lines someone desperate for connection says to themselves; his autotuned vocals are the insincerity in these words, turning every relationship they have into a chance to gain something. “You were someone’s gold/you are nothing more now”. “They wanna feel you/say they need you/say they know you/like they were there for all your life”.

The title for the third and final track, “Warble”, doesn’t mean anything. As personal touch and body language fade, vocal loops turn into lyrics, and trust loosens, clarity is lost. ”Warble” is meant to fear of being lost in translation. As Sayveeyun says to himself over and over again, “do you know what I mean?”

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Impulse Ode 4:44 Buy

    Impulse Ode

  2. 2 Bad Magic 4:14 Buy

    Bad Magic

  3. 3 Warble 4:25 Buy


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