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May 9, 2020

From three different countries and three different genres, OCD is the long awaited collaboration between up and coming producers Murder Club, Cole Longanecker and Himera. Spanning three tracks, their debut EP brings a theme of unification and collaboration, fusing together their three different styles for three sonically unique tracks in ‘ALIGNMENT’.

Himera, having blown up and became a trance icon with his tracks ‘Voicenote’ and ‘Whisper’ gaining immense popularity, even producing tracks for Charli XCX and Namasenda. Teams up with Toronto-based producer Murder Club, known for making baile & footwork inspired beats and jaw-dropping mixes, recently having performed at Anamanaguchi’s Nether Meant, and Austin, TX-based producer Cole Longanecker, known for creating haunting experimental ambience soundscapes and has caught the attention of How To Dress Well, having released his debut singles Din’s Fire and Temple on his label, ‘Helpful Music’.

The EP opens with ‘Confirmed’. Featuring a dreamy drum break, it quickly morphs into a massive experimental Jungle track with “Drop the Mid-Range” repeated throughout. Inspired by Himera listening to the Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack on repeat, it brings together an amalgation of all their inspirations.

The EP suddenly cuts to ‘Pronounced’, with a loud, churning & distorted river that opens up to a harsh, yet intriguing melody with percussion raining down, reminiscent of Amnesia Scanner and WWWINGS. 'Pronounced' creates a atmosphere of chaos that hits hard.

The closing track ‘Remaining or Unmarked’ cuts in and fuses together ambience along with a haunting classical piano melody while strange sounds flood the listener’s ears. Originally a waltz piece created by Himera, the group worked it into their own, with Cole Longanecker being heavily inspired by old JRPG soundtracks.

These three forces combine to make a stunning and intense EP, showing that when three forces align, it produces something unstoppable.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Confirmed 3:04 Buy


  2. 2 Pronounced 2:33 Buy


  3. 3 Remaining or Unmarked 4:04 Buy

    Remaining or Unmarked

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